Thursday, January 20, 2011


There is a place in Phoenix, an oasis of sorts, a school, where the children tend to farm animals and every class has a garden plot.  The children all have muck boots.  Here the boots must hang on fence posts upside down as scorpions like to crawl into them when right side up and empty of little feet.


  1. Thanks Autumn for your comment, it was a special day at that school, the gardens were full of plate size sunflowers. And those boots, just popped out of the landscape.

  2. Hi, Sharon, I love this boots (sorry for my grammar...I´m learning English)...I have also a pair of Elfo autummn boots ...If you want you could enter in may facebook Lauquen Arte Fieltro (see pics and albumns) or in my blog Congratulations for your nice blog and works! Greetings from Buenos Aires! Ana María.


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