Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sparrow plus Daisy equals something new

Little sparrow
 For some seeking the inner path, the sparrow or perhaps the chickadee represents a stage of development when one can talk to everyman, without judgement or blame, understanding how it is with each one.  To the Native American, the chickadee is able to unite all the people, is welcomed at all campfires.  Chickadee makes a medicine in the moment out of its own wound to serve and heal the other. 

Daisy Flower

  In the plant kingdom, the daisy, representative of the Composite  plant family, some would say is the most evolved flower family.  This is so, because each flower is really a composite of 100's of flowers, as  they share only one ring of petals, instead of each separate flower having its own ring of petals.  This makes the flower a community of flowers, that cooperates with each other for the greater good. 

Sparrow and Daisy

So today I ponder and hold close sparrow and daisy, ever striving.  Some pictures for you.

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  1. I really like your blog, Sharon. It's good to be reminded of the deeper meanings of nature. I am starting to ponder nature and daily events more again--this gives life so much more meaning! Hope to see you at your Open House. All the best to you! Michelle


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