Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nuno Felting classes and upcoming workshops

Tomorrow I'm teaching a nuno felting class, we'll be making scarves, but with some different touches.  I've learned that onto the silk fabric you can place a fine layer of merino wool and then on top of that place a layer of silk or tencel fiber and felt that all together.  This will give the finished product a beautiful sheen. Its  the second such class I've taught.  I love the technique, I'm going to try making nuno felted flowers for spring, using bright silks as the petals and a touch of merino wool for the center of the flower, the sepals and stem.  This will hold the flower together.  I'll post some pics of these soon.
Saturday I am teaching a felted bead class, we'll make 3-4 different kinds of felted beads.  This summer Sally Hall and I are inviting an international felter from Australia  to teach two- three day classes; one on jewelry making and one on making felted mandalas.  The felted mandalas will employ the technique of making pre-felts. Google Martien van  Zuilen to view her web site, let us know if you would like to know more about these special classes happening the last week in June.  These summer classes will be held in Tucson.

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