Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rock Cairns- a Balancing Act

with a few filters; rock and tree

I see an ancient profile here

For some years, along a bend of city road, where the light industrial park of my city is located, there has been someone who regularly builds rock towers, rock cairns.  These are balanced with care and often stay suspended for weeks at a time.  But who built these was always a mystery.  Then today in the late afternoon sun, out on a photo shoot, I came upon the builder.  Wow what a treat.  Driving by these statues of stone, over the last years, I felt how the towers would balance my soul, the heaviness of the rock suspended by various fulcrum points, helps me to reach another layer of balance. The individual who builds these, also experiences this.  Imagine lifting these stones, finding just the place where interconnected balance is achieved.  Imagine seeing light shine through, shadows cast upon the plane of balance.  Imagine the peace that is achieved.  I wonder if the rock begins to speak to you? 
I wonder if patience and understanding grows within you , a gift given back for your effort. 
thank you to Steve, the builder

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