Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Classes

I'm teaching a few classes this summer of 2011.
For Adults
Felter's workshop: Fish or Fowl - we'll make several felted birds and fish, could be made into a mobile. Saturday July 16
Felter's workshop: Felted Purses - we'll make a felted purse using a resist, we'll also inlay pieces of silk fabric.  July 23
Felter's workshop: Nuno Felted Scarf - introductory class on nuno felting Saturday August 6

For Children:
July 18-22, 9 till noon
Frogs, Fish, Butterflies, Snails, Turtles and Lizards.  We'll hear stories, learn poems, and sing songs of the animals of summer.  Then we will paint, draw, felt, stamp and collage these creatures.  Last day up at a mountain park to join parents for a picnic lunch and display our artwork.

July 25-29, 9 till noon
A Summer Puppet Show. During this class we will create puppets and scenery, practice the script and songs for a summer puppet play.  On the last day of the class we will put the play on for parents and friends.  This class includes dramatic performance, painting, singing, sewing and felting to make the puppets.

Send me a message if you would like more information

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