Saturday, June 4, 2011

I love receiving comments

C -   champions cycles of creative craft
  O -   onlookers open their optical observations
     M -    measures the magic of mercurial moments
        M -     moves melodious mythic memory
      E -      energizes emerging eddys
     N -   nourishes nuances now
  T -   treks and trails of trembling treasure
S -   spirals serendipity's stellar song

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  1. Dear Sharon,

    I Love reading your blog, seeing your artwork, and hearing about your thought processes as you work and sit with your images!

    I am very much enjoying a book I bought in the secondhand store, published in 1989 by a husband and wife team of therapists, called Tales of Enchantment: Goal-Oriented Metaphors for Adults and Children in Therapy. It is all about curative stories, and has a small section of curative stories for children's fears, etc. at the end. The stories are a little too wordy for me, so I've been highlighting the essential elements to weed out the extra words.

    Love to you, Shelly


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