Friday, June 10, 2011

Isis felted tapestry and more

There are two images here. One a felted tapestry of Isis.  The other image is the tapestry taken through the wizardry of photoshop; I developed the image in camera raw then used a levels adjustment, underpainting, finding edges, glowing edges and some blending modes. 

The felted tapestry was inspired by an image on Dennis Klocek's web site when he was offering a workshop on Isis.  I was drawn to the image and made a copy of it as a felted tapestry. The image helped lead me to finding a way to be able to enroll and participate in a class Dennis offers at Rudolf Steiner College called 'Consciousness Studies'.  The class is held every autumn for about 14 weeks.  The class and group effort planted many seeds for change and personal integration.  

For me in this image, Isis is transforming from a being of the earth and water,  alchemically gathering facts and noting changes, then as her wings expand and are filled with golden light, she readies for flight in the air and through fire.  It is an alchemical image of transformation, of working through all that reverses and then is able to go through the eye of the needle.  Dennis is a fine teacher of new Alchemy working with the principles of Biodynamic farming, Goethean observation, and the Rosicrucian path all referencing the work of Rudolf Steiner.  A link to Dennis's site is: 

Original Felted Tapestry of Isis

Felted Tapestry modified with Photoshop filters

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