Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Some of us have gathered in Tucson this week to participate in a felting workshop.  Martien van Zuilen from Perth is here; her last week of a 3 month teaching trip in the States.  The first 3 day class was on making felted jewelry, now a day off before the felted mandala class begins.  Pictures will come soon.  I'm improving my felting skills, primarily learning to make felt much denser than I am accustomed to doing.   Sometimes one takes such an intensive workshop, and your own artwork takes on a whole new and unexpected direction.  A direction not necessarily parallel to what you have just learned.  Ever have that happen? 

We're at Spirited Hands Studio - a felting studio run by Sally Hall and Susan Thompson, the whole studio is filled with hand felted items, their style is wild with color and a nice loose design that fits this hot desert city.  It has been 110 or higher nearly every day.... There is a different species of prickly pear cactus that grows here, the leaf flaps are a dusty rose-pink-lavender, against the grey-green - desert green. Particularly at dusk so beautiful, pics of that soon too. And so unusual to see chains of East-West  mountains in the U.S. but in Tucson, the Catalina Mountains on the north edge of the city, grace the horizon in this direction, changes how light falls upon the city. 
Here's a link to the felting studio, check it out.

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